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Fitness Website Review: Sparkpeople.com

by Leiann Lynn Rose Spontaneo (follow)
Self-Taught Cook. Fitness Enthusiast. Frugal Gal. Loves Her Family.
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Need accountability, for your, fitness? Look no further than Sparkpeople.com!

This fitness website has so many features that I would not be able, to discuss, everything... However, I would like, to highlight, a few, to peak, your interest.

First, of all, one gets their own "Sparkpage" which shows your personal data... One gets, to show, their "Sparkfriends", "Sparkmail", "Sparkteams", "Comments", "Sparkgoodies", "Blogs", "Activity Feed", "Recipes", "Videos", "Photos", etc.

"Sparkfriends" are people you would like, to converse, with about anything, who are a member, of Sparkpeople. One may leave comments, on each others "Sparkpages", "Sparkmail", etc.

"Sparkmail", is a member's own mailbox. One may get more personal messages this way or one may get "Sparkteam" announcements.

A "Sparkteam" is a group, of people, with different interests. There are thousands, of teams! If you are exceptionally excited about a team, one may become a "Team Leader".

"Comments" are exactly just that... "Comments" mostly, of encouragement, to one another.

"Sparkgoodies" are little reminders, of fellowship, that a person is thinking, of you and are posted, on your "Sparkpage". You have, to accumulate, "Sparkpoints", in order, to give, "Sparkgoodies". One may accumulate "Sparkpoints" through various Sparkpeople activities. It is not hard. A "Sparkgoodie" could be anything, from a photo, of a pedometer, to a salad!

Gym Shoes
: taylorschlades, morguefile

The neatest thing, I believe is, one may have their own personal "Blog", on Sparkpeople! You may write, about anything, you want! It does not even have, to have, anything, to do, with fitness! Then, when once posted, the title, of your "Blog", shows, on your "Sparkpage" so people may see that you have a new "Blog" and they can look it up. I find this more satisfying than having a Wordpress or Blogger blog.

One may view the "activity", of "Sparkfriends", through the "Activity Feed".

Gym Shoes
: JessicaGale, morguefile

Then, there are TONS, of "Recipes". One may contribute and share, save their favorites, etc. All different kinds, of categories!

Tired, of the same, usual workout? Never fear... "Sparkpeople" has tons, of "Videos", from yoga, to cardio, to etc. They even have chair workouts!

One may share "Photos", on basically, anything, of "Sparkpeople"! One "Sparkpeople" member uses photos, of sexy men, as her photos! Makes me want, to workout!

So, all in all, I have given you a review, of the fitness site, Sparkpeople.com... Spark on!

Gym Shoes
: Unna, morguefile

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