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by pippa (follow)
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Once again I am infuriated with the Ghanaian film industry and film makers.
The prevalence and frequency of rape shown as a normalized human behavior has me fuming once more.
The prevalence of rape shown as a normal human behavior within Ghanaian and other African films is astoundingly high.
Being regularly exposed to these films and this industry, for over 3 years now, means I can no longer sit quiet and watch over and over these scenes of such disturbing behavior portrayed as humorous, part of normal behavior and accepted as such.
As far as I am aware there is no rating system for films or movies which are free to watch by anyone with youtube.
This normalization of rape culture is flat out wrong, for any country, nationality, race or religion. And I’m sure it’s also prevalent in several other international film industries.
The normalization of rape culture in films is a major influence in next generations behaviors, accepted and unaccepted.
I may not be able to understand the damn story line due to language barriers, but rape is rape, and most certainly should not be repetitively shown as an accepted normal behavior amongst the community.
Not only is it deeming to women, but it does not appear to be understood that this is unacceptable, violent and traumatic behavior.
I don’t know how bad it is in other countries. But I’m furious already and I’m sick of seeing these scenes on my screen, in my home, in front of my child. All because of the misunderstanding of culture, or lack of morality in an entire industry.

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