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Magazine Review: Woman's World 8/24/2015 issue

by Leiann Lynn Rose Spontaneo (follow)
Self-Taught Cook. Fitness Enthusiast. Frugal Gal. Loves Her Family.

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In the Woman's World, August 24, 2015 issue, it is stated, on page 5, that bargain-hunting runs, in the family! Love searching, for a great, deal? There's a good chance atleast one, of your parents, shares that enthusiasm, for savings---and that you'll pass your money smarts on, to your kids! Researchers say that bargain-hunting parents make saving look like an adventure, not a chore, which encourages kids, to have, a healthy attitude about cash!

Then, on pages 18 and 19, one may learn more about the "rice diet". What I like about this diet is that I cannot claim that it is another expensive diet fad. Rice is inexpensive, a staple, in most kitchens. Well, thanks to breakthrough research, dieters who build meals around rice stand, to absorb, 60% fewer calories, slash fat-storage hormones, by 73% and burn fat 25% faster all day long. Dr. Francis Neelon, M.D., of a famous United States clinic, named Rice House (where people pay about $8,000 and hope, to lose, 50 pounds, in six weeks) has long prescribed a rice diet, to help, speed folks, to better health and a healthy weight.The "at-home" rice diet is simply cook rice as usual, then cool, for atleast 12 hours, before reheating and eating. Want more adventure? Make a stir-fry! In place, of any lunch or dinner, saute two cups, of vegetables, with cooking spray and salt-free seasoning, then stir, in one cup, of cooked rice, until heated through. So far, the results have been stunning! If you want, to learn, more, go to RiceHouse.org.

The magazine gives a way, to make money, on page 25, without too much effort, being needed. Who can complain about that? Line your pockets, by listening, to tunes! Become a music scout, for Slice The Pie, a company that helps emerging artists figure out how well their songs are received. All you have, to do, is listen, to tunes (as-many-as you like) and write a brief review, of each. One may make anywhere, from 5 to 20 cents, per review. Log on, to SliceThePie.com and hit the "sign up link". Once you're registered, you'll have access, to the "scout page", where you can start listening right away!

Another frugal idea? Instead, of having, an expensive luncheon, dinner or spending all that money, on a girls night out (that you will probably never remember), have an iced tea party! Simply, on the day before, freeze ice cubes, buy or make stirrers and gather pitchers. On the day of, brew tea, chill and make sandwiches. Voila!

Whether wanting, to save, money or make money, this issue is a treasure!

If you would like a copy, send check or money order, for $2.50 per U.S. copy and $5.50 per Canadian/foreign copy to: Woman's World, Back Issues Department, 270 Sylvan Avenue, Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, 07632, United States.
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