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The Cheeseburger Formula

by Leiann Lynn Rose Spontaneo (follow)
Self-Taught Cook. Fitness Enthusiast. Frugal Gal. Loves Her Family.
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The Cheeseburger Formula: 21 Tips, Tools and Strategies For Lasting Weightloss, by Petrina Hamm, states the common knowledge that nutrition (eating smarter), fitness (moving more) and mindset (staying focused and committed) is the formula!

The author's visual aid of a cheeseburger shows that:
*Nutrition is the top bun.
*Fitness is the burger.
*Mindset is the bottom bun*.

: pixabay

There are 21 ingredients into the making of this cheeseburger.

1. It is not the quantity of the calories, but the quality. Something you can see yourself eating the same way your entire life.

2. You might want to change things up a bit...Maybe you would like to tweak your calories or food preferences.

3. Keep a food journal. This might be a pain, but holds you accountable.

4. Use measuring spoons!

5. Furthermore, do you even know how to cook? If you do not want to read cookbooks, you can always Google.

6. Take a list to the grocery store and stick with it!

7. Plan your meals!

8. Buy an activity tracker! One may purchase them at a store, such as WalMart, for as low as $5.00!

9. A scale does not reflect your worth. Weigh yourself maybe every 3 to 4 weeks.

10. A tape measure is better than a scale.

11. Know your blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar.

12. Take "before" photos.

13. Live with a workout schedule.

14. Know that when you get to the finish line, you will still need to eat smart and move more.

15. Know your WHY. Do not do this to make somebody else happy. Do it for yourself.

16. Be realistic. You did not gain weight in a week. You will not lose in a week.

17. Find a buddy!

18. Utilize the internet.

19. If you are told you look fine the way you are, stand your ground.

20. Do not attempt to look like a model in a magazine.

21. Find a fit-minded friend. They come in all shapes and sizes. They are funny, smart and want you healthy. Similar to #17.

This book may have had alot of common knowledge, but what I found is that it excites, motivates and inspires. Maybe you will think twice before driving through that drive-thru.

Know that you can now put those buns and cheeseburger together and it will be good and nutritious. You made it all by yourself and without the fries!

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